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2018 Modern Chat Client

Download the latest Click and Chat 2018 client with a sleek new interface and new features including sentiment analysis, emoticons, etc.

2018 Classic Chat Client

Download the 2018 Classic Click and Chat client if you like the look of the 2016 client and require ticketing or CRM (MS, SalesForce, Sugar) .

2016 Chat Client

This client is being replaced as customers are migrated to the 2018 servers. Download this client If you haven’t been migrated yet and still need admin access.

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If you have any issues or questions please feel free to browse our HELP FILES or you can contact support by filling out the form below.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I access an invoice or change billing information?

Click and Chat uses an online billing platform in which you can view invoices and also change your billing and contact information. Please contact support with your name and domain name (website URL) for access to the billing portal.

How do I get started?

When you sign up you should receive a welcome email with login credentials and a link to this page to download the 2018 Chat Client. When you run the client for the first time and login, a popup will show you the code you need to add to your website.

Do you have any documentation?

All of our help files are posted online and can be accessed by clicking on the blue “Browse Help Files” button below.

Does Click and Chat provide Live Agents?

Yes! Click and Chat is one of the few Live Chat companies to offer chat/text software and Live Agents. Our professional agents can answer your chats/texts 24/7 according to your script and immediately send you the transcripts. You can even answer chats yourself when you are available. 

Which client should I download?

If you are new to Click and Chat you should download our latest chat/text client – 2018 Modern Chat Client. If you are an existing customer that hasn’t been migrated to the new server yet and you need to configure your site or users you should download the 2016 Chat client.

How can I contact support for more information?

You can fill out the form above in order to get in contact with support and they will contact you back usually the same day.

Still have questions?