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Benefits of Click and Chat

Never leave customers behind

Lead your customers to the right place at the right time, every time through 24/7 chat.

Be a Problem Solver

Provide instant gratification to customers through chat rather than have them wait for email or phone support to handle it.

Know customers before they walk in the door

Powerful analytics at your fingertips allow you to profile customers, anticipate questions, and lead them in the right direction.

Be in more than one place at the same time

Chat is proven to be 75% more effective and efficient over traditional phone and email support

Listen to customer feedback, & adapt in real time

Provide instant gratification to customers through chat rather than have them wait for email or phone support to handle it.

Increase conversion rates by engaging customers

Proactively reach out to customers by monitoring their behavior and what interests them.

Reduce bounce rates, & make it stick

Track when and where visitors exit your site and learn how to increase retention to achieve results.

Make every dollar count

Understand which keywords and campaigns are producing the best results, and refine your strategy to make the greatest impact.

Establish a 24/7 presence without the price tag

ClickAndChat’s Live Operator service provides your company a 24/7 presence so you never have to turn the lights off.

Monitor your agents

Review in real time the effectiveness of your team, response rate, and quality of communication with customers.

Powerful tools to increase results

Make informed decisions using real time analytics and reports that provide a path towards optimizing performance.

Reward agent performance

Leverage customer rankings into quantifiable results for Managers to set team goals and expectations.

Ensure quality conversations

Whisper answers to agents when needed by providing real-time assistance and training during chat sessions.

Safe, Secure & Reliable

State of the art encryption provides you and your customers a secure line of communication.


Intuitive software, elegantly designed to accommodate rapid roll out across all users with little training required.


Utilize ClickAndChat’s Live Operator service to realize the benefits of a 24/7 solution, without incurring the cost of hiring your own staff.

Increase customer satisfaction

Customer response rates can be dramaticallyreduced or eliminated by utilizing chat by a factor of 8:1

Start connecting with customers within minutes

You don’t need an IT department to start experiencing the benefits of the chat software – with a few clicks you can start chatting.